Yo-zuri Edge Trembler minnow SHBC-Blue Mackerel

$19.85 CAD

The Edge Trembler Minnow is an underwater “walk the dog” lure that is built with multiple innovative features;

One of the most important features that allows the Edge Trembler to fall perfectly horizontal is the flat belly, which increases the surface area of the lure slowing the drop rate to a half a foot per second.

The “TRIAD” Shape design of the Edge Trembler; which has three flat sides that allows the Trembler Minnow to emit flashes of light in many different directions at the same time.

It also allows the lure to rock back & forth on the drop, and has the Patented Yo-Zuri Weight Transfer System which allows for outstanding castability and accuracy, even in windy conditions.

Trembler 125—5-5/16" size for Stripers, Kings or Tarpon.

Model: Trembler 125
Type: Sinking Lenght: 5" (12.5 cm) weight :1oz (30 gr)
Color: Blue Mackerel

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  • Model: r986-shbc (PHILIPPINES)
  • Manufactured by: Yo-zuri

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