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Sea fishing lure or saltwater fishing lures also named as exotic fishing lures are designed to last longer in a saline environment, these lures mimic what predatory fish eat in their environment. Different types of lures exist to represent the entire food chain of marine fish, whether we fish from the shore or at the high seas, the lures are adapted to different fishing situations. Whether you are fishing on the surface or in-depth, we have the fishing lures for the technique you are looking for. Lures are also adapted to different species of fish in relation to their living environment. We have surface lures for anglers who like popper fishing as well as for jig anglers with Slowpitch jiggging or speed jigging techniques for pelagic fish. Our lures are used all over the world, in Cuba (Cayo Santa Maria Ensenacho Guillermo Coco Paredon) we use these lures for tarpon, cubera snapper, barracuda, trevally fishing. We sell Yo-zuri, halco, MirrOlure and Sabalo custom poppers. In Mexico or Costa Rica for jigging lures, which gives very good results on Amberjack, grouper, large snappers, either in slow pitch jigging or speed jigging.

What is the difference between a sea fishing lure and a freshwater lure? the big difference is in the level of the metal component, the sea lures have stainless components and are also more solid. They are normally silver in color for sea lures and bronze in color for freshwater lures. The same distinction also applies to the hooks, which are much more reinforced and solid. Usually, saltwater fishing lures are made with the "thru wire" concept, ie through a metal rod all along the body of the lure. This design can withstand violent attacks from large sea fish. It should be noted that a Sea fish is 2 to 3 times more powerful than a freshwater fish for the same size and weight.

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