ToroTamer Splicable Hollow core braid 40lb-500M

$129.99 CAD

Toro Tamer Splicable Hollow braid, 16 strands. It represents one of the best product on the market in terms of diameter and test capability, made from Gel Spun Polyethylene fibers, we I believe it to be the best such products that have hit the street, and they will revolutionize the way many of us rig up our smaller reels - especially beneficial for folks running spinning reels and baitcasters.

Use of a hollow line results in better packs on a reel; gain some line capacity since the line lays down flatter and diameter is reduced. The hollow core lines you have additional rigging options. You can eliminate knots, and their resultant diameter thickness. You can achieve near 100% line strength since use of a knot always degrades the test at which lines will break. You can rig your leader internally, you can more easily make use of wind-on leaders, and you can stack line of different tests and also add line to a reel easily in the event of a cut off. Hollow Core line is the future for most anglers fishing gear of 40 lbs and up, and some would argue well under that figure. If you have to connect a 4 meter of 80 lbs leader to a 50 braided line without big knot blocking inside your fishing rod guide, this connexion is made for you.

Size: 40 pounds/test (Break at 57 lb)
Diameter: 0.286mm - 100% PE 16 Strand (Splicable hollow braid)
Nb.Braid: 16
Lenght: 500 Meters
Color: White

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  • Model: TT-HC16-40-500M (USA)
  • Manufactured by: ToroTamer

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