KNOCKER - Slow pitch jigging lure 155 grams - Silver Orange

$12.55 CAD

Knocker slow jig lure is made to be fish close to the seafloor, this jig have a medium-long sliding action, fall with a medium speed, have good wobbling action, easy to retrieve. Made for slow pitch or high pitch retrieve, long fall jigging. Targeting any species like jack, bonito, grouper or snapper.

Length: 11 cm
Weigth: 155 grams
Type: Irregular

Snapper caught on slow pitch jigging lure -  KNOCKER - Peche SUD

Peche sud - Knocker jig feature

Slow jigging hooks chart size - Peche SUD

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  • Model: PS-A143-155-SO (CHINA)
  • Manufactured by: Peche SUD

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