NOEBY FEED Popper 150 - Red Head

$16.99 CAD

Noeby Topwater Popper 150 - this lure body is divided into several areas 3-5 steel balls are placed inside lure body increasing throwing distance and making more noise. This lure has the same design as the famous "FEED Popper" from Japan with a lower price.

Made for saltwater species as Jacks, tuna, mahi, snapper, cuda

  • Enlarged and widened fish mouth design
  • 5 Noise steel balls design
  • Long casting distance performance
Length: 15 cm - 5.9 inch
Weight: 1.9oz - 54 grams
Type: Floating


NOTE: The attach of this lure is intentionally placed on the upper part of the mouth, this allows for two types of swimming. If you retrieve this lure with a horizontal rod position, the lure will dive with each pull and swim below the surface, causing only turbulence and low frequency sound. if you retrieve with a high tip rod position, this lure will swim on the surface as real popper with splash and bubbles. When the popper come closer to boat, make sure lower rod tip to keep popper face in the water.

NOEBY FEED Popper attach position

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  • Model: FEED150-RH (China)
  • Manufactured by: Noeby

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