Cross Factor - SUPER CORE FIGHTER X8 - PE4 50lb / 300m

$64.99 CAD

Cross Factor Super Core Fighter PE X8 - Colored PE Braid Line made for Saltwater usage, perfect for slow jigging. This line is super thin, smooth, round and coated. Multi color braided line, changing color every 10 meters (blue, green, yellow, pink,red) with whote marker every meter and a black marker every five meters. I think it's the thinner line on the market, a real thin japanese breaded line.


Line Type: Braided (8 Braid) - Solid core
Japanese Line Number: 4.0
Cross Factor Line Test: 22.4kg / 50 lb
Length: 300m - 328 yard
Approxy. Diameter: .30 mm
Cross Factor Use Recommendation: Multi-Purpose Line

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  • Model: SupCorX8-50 (JAPAN)
  • Manufactured by: Cross Factor

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