ZERO Dropper jig - Green Gold - 200gr

$14.25 CAD

This speed jigging lure is the F1 of speed jig, the "ZERO Dropper" lure is specially designed for speed jigging, this jig is a very productive jig on Amberjack, dogtooth tuna, tuna, jack. It has one shiny side and one glow side with different eyes sizes on both sides, creating an amazing effect underwater. This jig is easy to retrieve and allows you to retrieve the lure rapidly without effort.

200 grams - 7 inch long - Tail weight

PECHE SUD - Zero Dropper jig 200 gr, killer jig in Costa Rica

Jigging lure - Zero Dropper - Florida Amberjack

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  • Model: ZD-11-GR (CHINA)
  • Manufactured by: Peche SUD

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