Owner AKI TWIST hook #5/0

$8.45 CAD

Use for snapper, barracuda fishing with natural or live bait. The #5/0 is the perfect size to hold a big chunk of bait or live mojarra (2 to 3 inch). During our trip in Cayo COCO, the fishing guide recommend only this hook size for bottom fishing.

Curved offset point with a heavy duty forged shank and reversed bend Cutting Point®, the Aki Twist™ hook is the ideal hook for live-baiting king size saltwater gamefish with heavier lines. Features include a straight eye and black chrome finish. 2X, 3X or 4X strong, depending on hook size.

Black chrome finish
Pocket pack : 5 hooks / per pack

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  • Model: AKI_50 (JAPAN)
  • Manufactured by: owner

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