Yo-zuri crystal 3D shrimp F988-HCPU

$19.45 CAD

The Crystal 3D shrimp is an innovative creation from Yo-zuri, made for saltwater inshore anglers. Crustaceans are the primary food for mostly all inshore species. With lifelike details, this lure is irresistible to fish, slow falling 3D shrimp looks & swims like a real shrimps. Simply a lethal weapon on inshore species.

Yo-zuri 3D shrimp F988 specification

Type: slow skinking
Lenght 90mm (3 1/2")
Weight 12.5g (7/16oz)
Depth: 3-4 feets
Color: HCPU Holographic ultra violet chartreuse purple

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  • Model: F988-HCPU (PHILIPPINES)
  • Manufactured by: Yo-zuri

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