Yo-zuri crystal 3D minnow F978-HGM

$19.99 CAD

The New Yo-Zuri Crystal minnow 3D, inshore fishing lure with the strength of the high seas lures. Perfect design, brilliant, superior quality finish. As with other Yo-zuri lures, our selection is simply what Yo-zuri does best. Darting action, effective in all conditions, unique holographic reflective sides. Built in ABS with a UV finish, these lures are made to catch fish. The hooks are sharper and stronger. "Bleeding Ruby & UV Sapphire" balanced weight insert insure a perfect lure swing. Even the eyes themselves provide features not seen on any other lure. They put everything they knew in the Crystal minnow 3D

Use it for inshore fishing, boat trolling. It will give you an exellents results on Tarpon, Snapper, jack cravel, Barracuda.

Yo-zuri F978 specification

Type: Floating
Lenght: 5-1/4in. (13 cm)
Weight: 3/4oz (20 gr)
Depth: (normal speed 3-5') (high speed 6-10')
Color: HGM Green mackerel

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  • Model: F978-HGM (PHILIPPINES)
  • Manufactured by: Yo-zuri

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