YGK - FC ABSORBER Infini Slim and Strong 66LB (30m)

$41.42 CAD

Fluoro Carbon "FC ABSORBER Infini Slim and Strong " is one of the slimmest fluorocarbon leader materials produced anywhere in the world and features ultra thin design, super tough core structure with excellent knot strength and amazing abrasion resistance. It was developed specifically for the lure fisherman casting in shallow snaggy waters and who needs the most action from their lures. Will also be a good leader for guy who do Slow jigging.

Size (lb)    Dia (mm) 
 24 --------- 0.373
 30 --------- 0.435
 41 --------- 0.510
 52 --------- 0.620
 66 --------- 0.706

Lenght: 30 Meter
Material: Fluoro Carbon

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  • Model: FCULTRA-66 (JAPAN)
  • Manufactured by: YGK

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