TRINITY O-GOLD Jig lures 250gr

$14.75 CAD

TRINITY Speed Jigging Lures are expertly crafted fishing lures tailored for the specialized technique known as "speed jigging." This high-speed vertical jigging method is predominantly employed in deep-sea or offshore fishing trips. These lures are meticulously designed to replicate the swift movements of baitfish, effectively enticing predatory species such as tuna, kingfish, amberjack, and other fast-swimming game fish.

The TRINITY jig boasts a slender and streamlined profile, strategically shaped to minimize water resistance and facilitate a rapid descent through the water column. These jigs ensure a swift sinking action to reach the desired depths efficiently.

Enhancing their allure, the TRINITY jig features a captivating holographic pattern and a GLOW effect. This combination is specifically engineered to grab the attention of predatory fish, particularly in the depths of dimly lit waters. The holographic pattern mimics the appearance of natural prey, while the GLOW effect adds visibility and appeal in low-light conditions.

In essence, speed jigging lures like TRINITY are indispensable for anglers targeting swift and deep-dwelling predators. Their thoughtfully designed features make them effective and reliable assets in the pursuit of an exciting and successful fishing experience.

Weight: 250 grams
Length: 25 cm
Color : One side Orange gold - one Side Glow - Red eyes
Arrived with #11/0 assist hooks with soft cord

TRINITY Jigging lures
TRINITY Jigging lures with sword fish
TRINITY Jigging lures with sword fish
TRINITY Jigging lures with sword fish

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  • Model: trinity-OG-250 (CHINA)
  • Manufactured by: Peche SUD

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