ToroTamer Subsurface Swimmer -Blue Skipjack

$22.99 CAD

Toro Tamer Subsurface Swimmer is a VERY effective sub-surface diver. Having same design as "Shibuki V186", thru wirred (1.55 mm stainless steel for greater strength, necessary for larger fish. It's also stable on the troll. It's been a productive tuna lure for a few years now, and also does well for striped bass, yellowtail, barracuda and kings. Hooked lures include VMC trebles (4x). The weight chamber system incorporates a magnet, and two large steel weights which can shift position, on the cast they move to the rear of the lure - coming in contact with a soft rubber pad to protect the lure - and improving casting performance. Once they've hit the water the weights help achieve a more neutral lure position optimized for stability on the retrieve. They produce a narrow wiggle on the retrieve and elicit a very strong predator reaction. The lures weight 3 ounces, and are 7.9 inches in lenght.

Model       Length  gr.  Hooks   Depth  Color
TT-SS-SKIP   200mm  80   2x#3/0   +6ft  Blue-Silver

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  • Model: TT-SS-SKIP (USA)
  • Manufactured by: ToroTamer

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