SLOWMAN - Slow jigging lure 170 grams - Pink

$11.75 CAD

SLOWMAN is one of my favorite SLOW jig lure, it's unique design redefine what a slow jig lure should be. Created to probe all fishes close to the seafloor, it have a short sliding action, a good fall speed, strong darting action. This jig have a short and compact body, all the weight is centered on the belly, so when it drops the wobbling motion create lot of vibration in the water, attracting all the predators. it's easy to retreive and it's made for slow pitch or long picth with long fall. Targeting any bottom species as grouper or snapper. No fish will resist, one of the best jigs we tested in Costa Rica on Red Snappers.

Drop speed: Slow
Slidding action: Short
Wobbling: Strong
Length: 13 cm
Weigth: 170 grams
Type: Woobbling

Slow jigging hooks chart size - Peche SUD

SLOWMAN - Slow jigging lure

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  • Model: PS-A148-170-PK (CHINA)
  • Manufactured by: PecheSud

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