Shimano ORCA 160 Black Silver

$34.50 CAD

Shimano ORCA is a new top-water lure from shimano, specifically designed for targetting off-shore species such as Tuna, Dorado or anything that hits top water. Cast the ORCA and give the rod a jerk or two to make it pop and dive. The ORCA can dive momentarily with side-to-side rolling motion. Or have it perform a "walk the dog" motion and pause it. The ORCA can pause horizontally on the water, exposing the upper part of the body which simulates an injured bait fish.

Weight: 2.05oz - 58 gr
Type: Float Stick baits
Lenght: 6.3 inches - 160 mm

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  • Model: OTI160JEKV (MALAYSIA)
  • Manufactured by: Shimano

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