Saltwater Travel fishing rods

Saltwater travel fishing rods, Multiple section rod, compact rod, all our travel fishing rods fits inside your luggage without extra fees. Lower the risk of lost, no problem in contiguous space, small car, bus, even inside the airplane cabin. Perfect for fishing exploration, areas where you need to walk inside the bush or mangrove. All our travel fishing rod are made for saltwater usage.

All travel fishing rods arrive in multi-sections, designed for saltwater fishing travel & expedition. Compact, easy to transport, we choosed them for their lightness and their strength, great for tarpon, jack, Cubera fishing. All these travel rods fit inside your suitcase. Heavy or light action, you will love it. Rod tube included. Brand: Shimano, Daiwa, Penn, Balzer, Okuma, TFO, Pro Marine, Westin

Barracuda catch during our tess in Cayo Ensenacho

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Okuma nomad Xpress Inshore - NTXI-S-703M-MH

Okuma nomad Xpress Inshore - NTXI-S-703M-MH

3 pieces spinning rod (82 cm) Type : Casting Building on the success of Okuma Nomad travel rods,...
$144.99 CAD

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