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We have a wide range of hooks made for saltwater usage, special hooks made for "Speed jigging" rigged with strong hooks from size 7/0 to 13/0. They can be sold with or without "assist cord". Also hooks for "Slow jigging" are available, super sharp & strong hooks made per DECOY, BKK, Owner, Harbor, jigstar ... All our hooks are chosen wisely so that they are adapted to your type of fishing. We simply want the perfect hooks designed for small fish and large monsters you deserve. We distribute DECOY Hooks in CANADA, the best hooks in the world.

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Product Image Item Name- Price
Harbor - Jigging hooks SJ-41 #7/0

Harbor - Jigging hooks SJ-41 #7/0

Harbor - SJ-41 jigging hooks - Made for saltwater vertical jigging or live bait fishing. Strong,...
$9.50 CAD

Assist hook - River2sea Double Swing hook 5/0

Assist hook - River2sea Double Swing hook 5/0

Support Swing Hook gives anglers yet another option for specialized rigging. Experiment with...
$4.99 CAD

KMC hooks assist

KMC hooks assist

Assist hook for KMC lures
$10.99 CAD

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