RYOBI reels Safari 5000A

$279.99 CAD

Ryobi Safari 5000A reel for saltwater jigging & spinning. Big fish hunters will appreciate Ryobi Safari 5000A Metaroyal fishing reels.

This Japanese designed and engineered jigging and light game reel has a watertight FS drag system that allows the spool to be removed while the drag maintains its setting. The gears are top quality, the seven ball bearings are all aircraft-grade and it's all locked in place with a rigid, all metal body. The alloy powerknob and handle give you plenty of purchase to crank those jigs!

The Ryobi Safari 5000 Metaroyal is the flagship of the latest range and features such as aircraft-quality ball bearings, Multi-Max anti-reverse, G-Stopper bail and a watertight FS drag system capable of a genuine 12kg of power are examples of the fish-fighting features anglers can expect from Ryobi.

  • Full metal body
  • Power handle with CNC knob
  • FS Drag System: Remove spool without changing drag set up.
  • DNA Spool: Casting distance go up and new shape to prevent backlash.
  • Full Range Drag: High toughness assures the drag efficiency and lengthens its life. All range smooth, powerful, and toughness drag.
  • Mutlti-Max Anti-Reverse: Have strongest strength and without stop space.
  • Quick Rotor: Light weight and small original friction.
  • G Stopper: Prevent bail from returning and easy thumbing the spool when casting.
  • Rotary Flat Oscillation: Excellent durability and brilliant big impact endurance ability.
  • Easy maintenance

Ryobi Safari 5000a MetaRoyal fishing reel Ryobi Safari 5000a MetaRoyal fishing reel Ryobi Safari 5000a MetaRoyal fishing reel

Model Ratio BB Weight Drag  Capacity  Retreive
8000  4.9:1  7  750g  26lbs 50lb-320Y 41.7"/crank

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  • Model: safari5000a (CHINA)
  • Manufactured by: Ryobi international

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