MirrOlure L52MR Read Head

$11.75 CAD

It swims! It dives! It flashes! It rattles! Whether used as a twitchbait or crankbait, this lure produces fish. Tank tested and featuring the MirrOlure® sonic rattler. All the great features of the famous 52M with an added lip. Featuring a tight wiggle and action which entices trophy game fish. Great lure for beginners — simple to use. This sinking lure will dive between 4 and 6 feet when you make a steady retrieve. Cast it or troll it. Each Lipped 52M is hand-tuned.

Ideal for tarpon, jack, snapper fishing. With 3 triple hooks, your hook rates are really higher.

Model Length Oz. Hooks	 Depth
L52MR 3-5/8” 1/2   3     4-6'+

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  • Model: L52MR-11 (USA)
  • Manufactured by: MirrOlure

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