MirrOlure L30MR-HO Hot Olive

$14.90 CAD

MirrOLip™ L30MR is an easy to use suspending crankbait, featuring a realistic swimming action, flash and sonic rattle that gamefish find irresistible.

Fishing Tips: When retrieving the L30MR, hold the rod tip in the up position to run the lure shallow. To run the L30MR deeper, keep the rod tip down. Try using slight twitches of the rod tip for a darting, side-to-side action. Remember, this lure suspends. Often the strike comes on the pause between twitches. Vary retrieval rates until you start catching fish.

MODEL: L30MR, LENGTH: 3-3/4", WEIGHT: 1/2 OZ. DEPTH: 3’-5'

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  • Model: L30MR-HO (USA)
  • Manufactured by: MirrOlure

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