Jerry Brown Decade Line One Hollow Core Spectra Braid 60 lbs-300

$111.00 CAD

Jerry Brown Hollow Core Spectra Decade 60 lbs (spliceable), multicolored braided line (10 colors) that change every 10 yards. The multicolored feature makes Jerry Brown Decade an ideal braided fishing line for jigging and trolling. The 10 yard intervals of different colors helps you target fish at specific depths and set up trolling spreads with lures or baits and teasers at desired distances. Made in USA.

Color: 10 colors
Test: 60 pounds / 27 kg
Break point: 90 lbs / 40.8 kg
Lenght: 300 yard / 274 meter

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  • Model: jerry_b_60_300 (USA)
  • Manufactured by: Jerry Brown Industries

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