Halco Roosta popper 195 Redhead

$28.99 CAD

The Halco Roosta 195 Haymaker is designed for catching some of the toughest fish that swim, from Giant Trevally to Dogtooth Tuna. It is built with extra heavy duty, custom made 7xx fish rings and is equipped with Mustad 5xx extra strong 5/0 trebles.

While designed with a blooping style retrieve in mind, the Halco Roosta Haymaker can be simply wound in at speed or trolled for excellent results.

The recommended method of retrieval for best results is to point the rod tip at the lure, retrieve any slack line and firmly sweep the rod tip in a downward motion approximately 45 degrees. Allow the lure to rest for several seconds and if a fish hasn’t taken the lure repeat as necessary.

  • Halco Roosta Popper 195 is a great popper for large surface predator
  • Halco Roosta Popper is heavy enough for long casting, with a cup face it will bloop and pop creating explosive strikes.
  • Halco 195 Fishing lure is rigged with 7xx fish rings and Mustad 5 extra strong 5/0 trebles.

Model: Haymaker 195
Color: RedHead
Size: 195 mm Hooks: No.5/0 Mustad 5X Trebles
Weight: 110 grams / 3.9 oz
Applications: Trolling / Casting

Species: Saltwater Game Fish (GT, Dogtooth Tuna, Wahoo, Cubera, Big barracuda)

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  • Model: R195RH (INDONESIA)
  • Manufactured by: halco

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