Halco Laser Hamma 85 - Caviar

$13.99 CAD

The Hamma 85 is a clear-bodied, controlled rise casting lure. The Hamma series are each supplied with multiple, easily-changeable bibs of varying depths to give anglers maximum flexibility in one package.

The Hamma was designed from the ground up to tackle some of the world’s toughest sportfish, like barramundi, black bass, mangrove jack, tigerfish and tarpon. Ideal for fishing in the Tropics, this 85mm lure has #4 Mustad 3XX forged trebles for superior holding strength, and weighs only 11 grams – ideal for skipping over submerged snags. Slow or fast retrieve, the Halco Hamma 85 is the compact lure of choice and is available in 1m and 2.7m depth options.

Target fishes : Tarpon, Barracuda, Jacks

Product Name HAM085
Trolling Speed Slow and fast
Weight 11 Grams
Length 85mm, 3.3 Inches
Hooks #4 Mustad 3XX Forged Trebles
Applications Casting
Buoyancy Suspending - Control rise

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  • Model: HAMMA085-C (INDONESIA)
  • Manufactured by: halco

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