Halco C-GAR 120 - Stripey

$15.99 CAD

The Halco C-Gar is a weighted stick bait, designed for use on the surface for species such as Jack, barracuda or alternatively sub surface for all tuna, mackerel and other predatory fish. The lure action is less splashy than a popper however the unique nose and weighting ensures long casting ability with enough surface action to entice a strike from the wary fish looking for an easy meal.

Featuring heavy duty Mustad trebles and Halco’s famously strong fish rings for the ultimate lure to hook connection, the C-Gar is built like all other Halco products, to catch fish day in, day out without fuss and bother.

Model: C-GAR 120
Color: Stripey
Size: 120 mm Hooks: No.1/0 Mustad Trebles
Weight: 40 grams
Applications: Surface

Species: Saltwater Game Fish (Jack, Tuna, Wahoo, barracuda)

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  • Model: cgar120-Strip (INDONESIA)
  • Manufactured by: halco

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