Fishing Popper Sabalo White Fury

$42.95 CAD

POPPER for Trevally, GT, Barracuda, Wahoo, Tuna, snapper, sea bass, Cubera, Tarpon

Surface lure with an unique organic effect and holographic reflections, Sabalo popper is a real predator catcher. Each lure is constructed from a wooden body, painted by hand then coated with several layers of resin and varnish to ensure maximum strength. It can be armed with VMC 9626PS(3x). The central wire is .062 (1/16") diameter Stainless steel, the swivel has a resistance of 150 lbs. Arrived with super strong Volverine Split ring.

Made for inshore/offshore fishing, it's easy to cast even during windy days. It generate larges splash with low frequencies, a characteristic of wooden's lures. Each Sabalo popper requires many hours of work and each lure have a unique design & identity.

Sea's large, but passion has no limits

Type: Saltwater popper - Surface Lure
Weight: 53 gr - 1.86 oz
Length: 15.24 cm - 6 inches

Color: White, spotted holographic - Red head

Note: There is no fixed colour range for sabalo poppers; they're painted at the artist's whim.

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  • Manufactured by: Peche SUD

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