Fishing lures

Best fishing lures for a Jigging or Popping trip in Cuba, Panama, Costa rica, Mexico. All our lures are made for saltwater fishing, targeting tarpon, cubera, barracuda, Amberjack, snapper fishing. We sell Sabalo, Yo-zuri, halco, MirrOlure, P-line lures, Bass assassin, River2sea, Bengkel. Most of them have been tested them during our fishing travel in Cuba or Mexico.(Cayo Santa Maria Ensenacho Guillermo Coco paredon Playa del carmen) We also have our own design of metal jigs, made for speed or slow jigging, really killer on large predator.

Yo-zuri Halco Luckycraft Sabalo poppers
Bass Assasin Mirrolure Pline River2sea

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