Saltwater Poppers

Saltwater popper is a lure to imitate bait fish near surface, simulating predator attacks on bait fishes (Halco roosta, Dumbbell, Sabalo...) Popper lures can be cast or troll. A great way to explore a new shallow area without having worry if lure will hang in the bottom. Normally, the popper causes spectacular attacks, fishing becomes intense and captivating. When we see movement on the surface or birds turning near the surface, you can guess the predators are near too, searching for prey, the "popper" lures becomes the perfect lures, they makes noise, splash, it bothers and suddenly "Bang!" the fight begins. This lure is very effective on the family trevally, GT, Cubera, tuna.

Peche Sud, popper & surface lures

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Bengkel Popper borneo 100 gr - MP

Bengkel Popper borneo 100 gr - MP

BENGKEL fishing poppers, made for serious Exotic popping (GT, Trevally, Tuna), handmade following a...
$28.99 CAD


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